Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top 10 Free Resources for Digital Learners

Digital learning or e-learning has come up as a huge incentive for millions who have left hope for reading and learning due to lack of time or money. The biggest benefit of Digital learning is that one does not need to be presented in class rooms live, despite; he can learn things all the time. Digital learning is merely not a medium to learning for student pursuing higher studies but also in corporate sectors where companies are using this as a tool to train their employees. Following are some of the best free resourced for Digital Learners.

Columbia University Interactive
Columbia Interactive provides a list of selected courses on e-learning at Columbia University. The huge database at Columbia University includes digital resources like   faculty interviews, learning tools, semester-length e-courses, and more than 100 shorter e-seminars. The open course ware at Columbia University is maintained by Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures (Columbia DKV).

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
Digital learning courses provided at Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative are to meet out the great challenges of education in the 21st century that is to make intelligent use of modern information technology. For learning community, it’s mean providing free materials, activities and assessments to them and OLI (Open Learning Initiative).

Duke Law center for the Public Domain
To propagate and expand the ideas as covered by the public domain in form of ideas, images, sound, discoveries, facts and texts which are free to use and prepare without any objection from intellectual property rights, The Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School has for the first time have adopted this idea.  And to achieve the objective, it has started the program in September of 2002 as part of the school’s wider intellectual property program.

Harward Extension School
Digital learning options in more than 100 streams provided at Harvard Extension School are for students who are too busy in life to take course in subjects of their choice and opinion.  The courses provided at Harward Extension School can be taken from any corner of the world and are open for enrollment.

Gresham College
Gresham College as prepared by Sir Thomas Gresham in 1597 is an independent educational institution operated from Barnard’s Inn, Holborn, in the centre of London. The college provides free public lectures by its eight professors and don’t award degree or teach courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication virtually providing course ware for all the MIT course content. These are open ware courses and are provided as permanent MIT activity.

Open University
Here at Open University, access to the students is provided for Open University course material which is a learning space, where students can have free study units each with a discussion forum.

Tufts University
Tufts Open Course Ware is part of new educational approach as initially adopted by MIT which provides free course content to everyone online. The courses at Tufts are most useful and radical for students especially in life sciences apart from other multi disciplinary courses.

University of California
OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital publication from the University of California that provides University level educational programs including syllabi, lectures notes, assignments and exams.

University of Washington
University of Washington online courses provide free digital learning in broad range of popular subjects formatted for high quality instruction online. At courses in University one can enroll at any time.


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